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We engage leaders to make courageous decisions – focusing on the power of possibility, infusing innovation, thought leaders, community perspectives and those with lived experiences into organizational successes.
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We have been intertwined in leadership for 20 years. It’s how we started, and it’s at the core of everything we do. We know what great leadership looks like and our bar is set high deliberately. We’re determined to ensure that our clients’ leaders create environments conducive to SME acceptance, inclusion, participation, significant enterprise and change. Empowering leaders to lead, attract and develop outstanding people, and consistently deliver extraordinary results – is what we do.

Organizational Development

Our end game is to work with organizations as they become more effective and approach changing dynamics daily. Our techniques and tools develop, improve, and reinforce strategies, structures, and processes. The result is strengthened organizational effectiveness, refreshed financial performance, outstanding employee engagement, customer–centric delivery, and overall successful change management transition.

Working Together on Project


Even the best leaders can’t go it alone. Because the real work of business requires high levels of collaboration, problem solving, and cooperation, the true measure of your organization’s success lies with the performance of your teams. Developing the right workplace strategy results in an ecosystem that impacts defining norms of leadership and redefines norms of the culture, allowing space for actively mentoring, serving as role models and ambassadors to both narrow cultural divides and champion diversity initiatives, and challenging inequality, even in subtle ways. This robust environment is likewise key to ensuring diversity thrives


Engagement requires collaboration and viable relationships fostering a community-wide effort to educate and activate all sectors, from government to business, not-for-profit entities, human services organizations to voluntary groups. Working with LBR365 Consulting Services makes it possible to reach a goal that cannot be achieved by one person or agency alone. Our interactions foster synergy resulting in a more sustainable, inclusive culture. Our paradigm-shifting work enables communities to get better, with more equitable outcomes creating a shared vision and collaborating across sectors in new ways that are making a measurable difference.

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Advantages of this approach are that it can occur at  the organization’s convenience. Organizations only benefit to the degree that they are comfortable being introspective. Leadership emerges with a clear vision of what next steps to take to capitalize on strengths or address weaknesses.


Third-party assessment may be guided by a formal tool, and typically includes document review (including financials) and stakeholder interviews. This is a preferred option for funders seeking to assess grantee capacity.


This approach leverages the advantages of the self-assessment and third-party assessment. In this case, we use a systematic tool or methodology to capture the organization’s view of itself. We continue with additional information gathering and analysis to lend external perspective.

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We believe organizational assessment results yield insight into where we can have the greatest impact for our client.

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